Black Tungsten Arrow Ring with Koa Wood & Deer Antler Inlay (8mm)

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Ring Size: 7


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Introducing the Black Tungsten Arrow Ring with Koa Wood & Deer Antler Inlay – a sleek and stylish accessory for the modern man. Made with high-quality tungsten, this ring is durable and scratch-resistant, ensuring long-lasting wear.

The Koa wood and deer antler inlay adds a touch of natural beauty to the ring, creating a unique and eye-catching design. This ring is perfect for the outdoor enthusiast or anyone who loves a touch of rustic charm in their accessories.

Whether as a wedding band or a statement piece, the Black Tungsten Arrow Ring with Koa Wood & Deer Antler Inlay is a must-have for any fashion-conscious man.

FREE ENGRAVING AVAILABLE - Please fill in the engraving details above. 

Ring Details

  • Black tungsten finish with silver arrow. 
  • Luxurious dark koa wood & Deer Antler inlay
  • Comfort fit style ensures maximum comfortability. 
  • 8mm in width
  • Available in 13 different ring sizes (7-13).
  • Comes packaged in a standard wood ring box (explore other ring box options here)
  • Please be sure to check our "Shipping Information" tab for processing and delivery time frames

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  • 90 Day Returns & Money Back Guarantee
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Engraving Service

This product is eligible for personalised engraving. Your unique one of a kind message will be inscribed on the inside of your ring using the latest state of the art laser technology. And to top it off, our engraving service is free! 

Please fill out the details near the top of this page and we get that engraving done for you! 

Personalised items cannot be exchanged or refunded, replacement will incur a $45.00 fee

Ring Sizing Guide

The ring sizes in our website are shown in USA sizes (5 to 15) & AUS/UK sizes (F½ to Z+5) . Using this ring size chart, you can determine which size will be best for you. There are three options for measuring your ring size.

Option 1: Order our plastic ring sizer

An accurate way to help you figure out what size will fit best. The ring sizer is refunded when you purchase one of your tungsten rings (not applicable to non-tungsten rings). 


Option 2: Measure the diameter of an existing ring

  1. Measure the internal diameter (mm) of a ring that fits the desired finger
  2. Use the ring size chart below to locate your size. Refer to the "Existing Ring" column, find the closest diameter measurement, and then refer to the US or AUS size to the right of your diameter measurement. e.g My existing ring measures 19mm in diameter. According to the size chart, I would choose a size 9 or R 1/2.

Option 3: Printable Paper ring Sizer

If you do not have an existing ring to base your size selection on, you can measure your finger using our Printable Paper Ring Sizer.  Follow the instructions on the printout. The result provided using this ring sizer is in US sizes. Please refer to the ring sizing guide below for the equivalent Australian size if required. 

Option 4: Basic Paper Measurement

If you don't have a printer available, please use a strip of paper as shown below.

  • Your ring should fit your finger comfortably, snug enough so that it will not fall off, but loose enough to slide over you knuckle.
  • Finger size changes depending on the time of the day and the weather. Therefor measure your finger size at the end of the day and when your fingers are warm (finger size is smaller in the early morning and when cold), repeat it 3 times to make sure your results are consistent.

To ensure your finger size in the most accurate way, it is highly recommended to measure it at any jeweler / jewelry store near you.  



Ring Care Guide


Daily Tungsten Ring Care and Handling

  1. Keeping It Clean: The most important part of tungsten ring care is regular cleaning. Mix mild soap with warm water and gently scrub your tungsten ring with a soft cloth or brush. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners.

  2. Safe Storage: When not wearing your ring, store it in a fabric-lined jewelry box or a separate pouch to prevent scratches

  3. Avoiding Harsh Activities: While tungsten is durable, it's advisable to remove your ring during heavy manual work or activities that might expose it to harsh chemicals or extreme pressure. 

Stick to this and your tungsten ring care will become second nature. Additionally, there are some other ring care tips to consider. 

Understanding Chemical Reactions

Tungsten rings can react with certain chemicals, causing discoloration or damage. This is a big no no for tungsten ring care! It's important to remove your ring when using strong cleaning agents, chlorine, or other harsh chemicals. Regular exposure can compromise the integrity of the ring.

Lifetime Replacement

Over time your preferences, styles and finger size can change. Your ring might fit well now, but who knows in a few years? You might have lost a few kilos! That is why when you purchase a tungsten ring with Tymber Gear, you receive automatic membership to the Tymber Gear Lifetime Ring Replacement Club.

This club membership gives you the option to replace your ring as often and as many times as you would like for a heavily discounted price. No gimmicks, no hassles, just an easy replacement! All you need to do is return your current ring and choose a new ring. The type of ring you choose will attract a different replacement cost. They are listed below;

  • Standard Tungsten rings (No inlays) - $59
  • Inlay Tungsten Rings (Wood, Meteorite, Arrow) - $79
  • Deer Antler/Turquoise/Opal rings - $109


Using your membership is super easy. Just click here for instructions. 

Shipping Information

The time frame for order delivery is divided into two parts. 

Processing time - This includes order verification and packing. All orders are sent direct to the international warehouses/supplier for processing and or production within 24 hours after the order is placed. The warehouse will process the order, which can take between 2-9 business days. Please be aware that some of our products are made to order, therefore the longer processing time of  9 days might apply. 

Shipping Times-  We ship from our Sydney fulfilment centre or Asia based fulfillment centre based on stock availability.

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    While we make every effort to ship your order to you within the estimated time frames, we cannot guarantee delivery within these estimated times. Keep in mind that most of our products are made to order. Please allow sufficient manufacturing and shipment time when placing your order.

    Shipping times are listed in business days and are quoted to us by our logistics partners. There may be events (e.g. extreme weather, customs clearance, inaccurate address info) that may delay delivery beyond the quoted time. We are not responsible for these delays and cannot provide refunds for delayed delivery.

    • Shipping and/or Import Tax/Tariffs- Depending on the type of product and or cost, you might be required to pay import taxes or tariffs. This is a cost you will have to cover.

    Why choose a tungsten ring? Are they just for tough guys and gals?

    • Not just for the tough ones! Tungsten rings are the hidden gems of the jewelry world. They're incredibly durable and scratch-resistant, which means they can handle everyday wear and tear without losing their charm. Plus, they're hypoallergenic, so they're kind to your skin, even if you're not the rough-and-tumble type.

    Can tungsten rings be resized, or are they like a stubborn mule?

    • Tungsten rings are a bit stubborn and don’t do resizing. It’s important to get the size right the first time. But fear not, we offer an easy ring size exchange service if the fit isn't perfect and every Tymber Gear tungsten purchase comes with complimentary membership in our Lifetime Ring Replacement Club. 

    How do tungsten rings feel to wear? Are they going to make my hand lopsided?

    • Tungsten rings are heavier than their gold or silver cousins, giving them a substantial, quality feel. They won't make your hand lopsided, but you'll definitely feel the difference – a constant, gentle reminder of your impeccable taste in jewelry. Our tungsten rings are designed with a comfort fit, a special design on the inner of the ring that makes it super comfortable to wear despite their weight.

    Are tungsten rings suitable for active lifestyles, or will they crumble under pressure?

    • Tungsten rings are more than capable of keeping up with your active lifestyle. They're like the trusty sidekick that never complains, no matter how rough the adventure gets.

    How do I care for my tungsten ring? Do I need a special toolkit?

    • Caring for a tungsten ring is easier than remembering your phone charger. Just some mild soap and water will keep it looking sharp. No special tools or potions required – it's low maintenance and happy to stay that way. Just remember, while it’s tough against scratches, it’s not a fan of extreme forces, so treat it like a friend, not a superhero.