Over time your preferences, styles and finger size can change. Your ring might fit well now, but who knows in a few years? You might have lost a few kilos! That is why when you purchase a tungsten ring with Tymber Gear, you receive automatic membership to the Tymber Gear Lifetime Ring Replacement Club.

This club membership gives you the option to replace your ring as often and as many times as you would like for a heavily discounted price. No gimmicks, no hassles, just an easy replacement! All you need to do is return your current ring and choose a new ring. The type of ring you choose will attract a different replacement cost. They are listed below;

  • Standard Tungsten rings (No inlays) - $59
  • Inlay Tungsten Rings (Wood, Meteorite, Arrow) - $79
  • Deer Antler/Turquoise/Opal rings - $109

How do I organise a replacement? 

It's super easy! Just follow these steps. 

Step 1 - Locate your order number and the email you used for the original purchase. Check your inbox for a confirmation email. If you can't find your order number, shoot us an email (support@tymbergear.com) and we will provide it to you. 

Step 2 - Access our returns portal (Returns Center - TymberGear), login and select the Lifetime Replacement Club (Tungsten Ring Only) option, then select the relevant sub-option. 

Step 3 - Follow the instructions on screen from here and when submitted you will receive the return address (you will need to cover the returns costs). Read the instructions carefully as you will need to provide certain information. 

Step 4 - Package up the existing ring (no ring box needed, just the ring), post it and be sure to update your return submission with the tracking details. 

    Once the ring is returned, we will generate a special discount code for you so you can make your purchase. 

    If you have any questions about this process, please shoot as an email at support@tymbergear.com