The Top 4 Suit Accessories That Every Gentleman Needs

The Top 4 Suit Accessories That Every Gentleman Needs

The suit is the most elegant and professional outfit a man can wear. However, it's not complete without some finishing touches. The suit accessories are what completes the look and gives you that extra edge.

The four must have suit accessories are a tie, tie clip, cufflinks, and a watch. A tie is an integral part of your outfit because it adds color to your outfit and ties everything together in one neat bow. Cufflinks are also important because they give your outfit that little something extra and show off how well dressed you are. And finally, a watch is an important accessory because it shows off your sense of style as well as class.


1. The Tie

When it comes to suits, it is important to know the difference between bow ties and regular ties. Bow ties are for formal occasions and can be matched with any suit color or pattern. Regular ties are more versatile, but they should be matched with a suit in a similar color or pattern.

Bow tie: When wearing a bow tie, you want to keep the colors and patterns of your clothes consistent. This means that if you're wearing a blue shirt and navy suit, you'll want to wear a bow tie with blue accents.

Regular tie: If you're wearing a striped shirt with navy suit, then you can wear any regular tie as long as it's in the same color family as your shirt or dress pants.


2. The Tie Bar

A tie bar is an accessory that is clipped to a man's tie, and it is usually used to hold the two ends of the tie together. Tie bars are also sometimes used to keep a tie from slipping out of place.

The most popular materials for tie bars are gold and platinum. If you wish to try something a little different, wood tie bars can add something different to your suit. There are three types of tie bars: the stick type, the clip type, and the slide type. The most popular style for men is the clip-on type because it can be worn with any kind of necktie. It can be easily removed when not needed or switched out for another one when desired.

3. The Cufflinks

Cufflinks are a small accessory that can make a big difference in your outfit. They are the perfect way to add a touch of style and personality to your suit.

The style and shape of cufflinks is determined by what they will be worn with. For example, if you have an evening suit, you might want to wear round or pearl cufflinks. If you have a business suit, then gold or silver cufflinks would be appropriate. You can be a little more daring and try a wood cufflink. They bring a natural and warm finish to a suit and can match perfectly with wood bow ties. Additionally, you should also consider matching your cufflink with your tie bar to create an elegant look for your suit.

4. The Watch

When it comes to watches, there is a wide variety of choices for men. However, the watch you wear with your suit depends on your personal style and what you are wearing.

The best way to determine what watch to wear with a suit is to look at the color of your suit. If you have a dark-colored suit, then you should wear a dark-colored watch. If you have a light-colored suit, then you should wear a light-colored watch. Wood watches can come in various styles, including darker and lighter woods. These can complement your suits and might very well be a conversation starter.


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