How to style feather bow ties for your wedding

How to style feather bow ties for your wedding

While the Bride is always stunning (it is their big day!), grooms and their groomsmen need to look dapper, and make a style statement. You don't want your wedding memories to feature dull and generic attire, these are photos that you will look fondly back on on for years to come. If you're looking for something unusual, attractive and attention-grabbing that you can wear on your wedding day then look no further than the feather bow tie.

Feather bow ties are inspired by nature and come in a range of beautiful colors and styles as unique as the incredible birds that lend their feathers to create the designs.  Here’s how to style your feather bow tie for your wedding day and ensure everyone is looking at you for all the right reasons.

For a Formal Wedding

The origins of the bowtie can be traced back to the 17th century, when they were first worn in Croatia. If you’re having a formal wedding then there’s only one way to style your feather bow tie: With a fell fitting black suit and a stiff white shirt with a starched collar.

Oversized styles fell out of fashion in the late 1990s, so make sure that your suit fits you well, has no or minimal pleating and is a rich deep black. Your shirt should be slim fitting and tucked neatly into your pants. This simple but slick monochrome outfit makes the perfect base for any feather bow tie in the range, meaning that you can be as bold as you like in your choices. The only limit is your imagination (and how much your bride will let you get away with!)

For a Casual Wedding

For a more casual wedding you have a lot more scope when it comes to choosing what you wear. Many men are rejecting the formality of the button up jacket, instead choosing to wear a simple pants and shirt combination and then accessories with suspenders and a complimentary bow tie. To avoid a look that is too retro, ensure you choose braces in muted colours such as navy blue, beige or burgundy, and avoid excessive pattern.

Fitted button up vests and coordinating pants teamed with a roll-sleeve shirt is also a fantastic understated look for the casual groom and groomsmen. Tweed vests are very popular right now, but you could also opt for linen or cotton if you are having a hot weather wedding. The good news is that both of these outfits would look particularly dapper paired with a feathered bow tie. Coordinate with a complimentary floral boutonniere or, if you really want to make a statement, ask your florist to use coordinating feathers in your floral arrangements and accessories.

Choosing the Right Colors

With such a diverse range of feather bow ties available, you really will be spoilt for choice. Smart grooms will choose to coordinate their tie to match with their brides colour scheme, or the colours being worn by the bridesmaids: making a style statement in peacock feathers will coordinate perfectly with bridesmaids wearing royal blue, for example, or opt for guinea fowl if you’re having a sleek and monochromatic wedding. If you really want to stand out from the crowd then there’s no need for the groom and your groomsmen to all wear the same tie: with so many different feathers available in a range of complimentary styles, colours and tones, you can coordinate perfectly whilst ensuring your style in the one that really stands out.

As a Wedding Guest

Film star Bill Murray is a huge fan of the feather bow tie and was spotted sporting one when he attended George Clooney and his now-wife Amal’s nuptials back in 2015. This isn’t the first or last time the star has worn his favourite feather bow tie: he also wore it to the Oscars in 2014 and often sports one when attending his film premieres. Feather bow ties aren’t just for the bridal party: they are also a great way for stylish and fashion forward wedding guests (such as the original Southern gentleman Bill) to show case their style at formal events. If you are attending a black tie wedding then the bow tie that you choose is the only way you can inject some individuality into your outfit. There is no accessory better placed to show how stylish you really are than a feather bow tie!


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