Why choose a tungsten ring? Are they just for tough guys and gals?

  • Not just for the tough ones! Tungsten rings are the hidden gems of the jewelry world. They're incredibly durable and scratch-resistant, which means they can handle everyday wear and tear without losing their charm. Plus, they're hypoallergenic, so they're kind to your skin, even if you're not the rough-and-tumble type.

Can tungsten rings be resized, or are they like a stubborn mule?

  • Tungsten rings are a bit stubborn and don’t do resizing. It’s important to get the size right the first time. But fear not, we offer an easy ring size exchange service if the fit isn't perfect and every Tymber Gear tungsten purchase comes with complimentary membership in our Lifetime Ring Replacement Club. 

How do tungsten rings feel to wear? Are they going to make my hand lopsided?

  • Tungsten rings are heavier than their gold or silver cousins, giving them a substantial, quality feel. They won't make your hand lopsided, but you'll definitely feel the difference – a constant, gentle reminder of your impeccable taste in jewelry. Our tungsten rings are designed with a comfort fit, a special design on the inner of the ring that makes it super comfortable to wear despite their weight.

Are tungsten rings suitable for active lifestyles, or will they crumble under pressure?

  • Tungsten rings are more than capable of keeping up with your active lifestyle. They're like the trusty sidekick that never complains, no matter how rough the adventure gets.

How do I care for my tungsten ring? Do I need a special toolkit?

  • Caring for a tungsten ring is easier than remembering your phone charger. Just some mild soap and water will keep it looking sharp. No special tools or potions required – it's low maintenance and happy to stay that way. Just remember, while it’s tough against scratches, it’s not a fan of extreme forces, so treat it like a friend, not a superhero.