Over time your preferences, styles and finger size can change. Your ring might fit well now, but who knows in a few years? You might have lost a few kilos! That is why when you purchase a tungsten ring with Tymber Gear, you receive automatic membership to the Tymber Gear Lifetime Ring Replacement Club.

This club membership gives you the option to replace your ring as often and as many times as you would like for a heavily discounted price. No gimmicks, no hassles, just an easy replacement! All you need to do is return your current ring and choose a new ring. The type of ring you choose will attract a different replacement cost. They are listed below;

  • Standard Tungsten rings (No inlays) - $59
  • Inlay Tungsten Rings (Wood, Meteorite, Arrow) - $79
  • Deer Antler/Turquoise/Opal rings - $109


Using your membership is super easy. Just click here for instructions.